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Take it step by step

Take it step by step

Stop feeling overwhelmed and start making progress using our step-by-step in-app wizards and record keeping framework.

Take it step by step

Save time

Save time on compliance admin and reserve it for the data protection risks and issues that need your attention.

Take it step by step

Better understanding

Make it easier for your management and team to view, understand and engage with company compliance activity.

Take it step by step

Work effectively

Organise your GDPR compliance project, monitor compliance activity and make it easier for your team to work remotely.

Take it step by step

Be prepared

Be confident you can demonstrate your compliance in the event of an issue – a key requirement of the GDPR.

Take it step by step

Gain a sidekick

Know that you have a trusty sidekick on hand to help you navigate your journey. We are only ever a call or click away.

“OnTrack is a real tool for real businesses to manage their GDPR compliance, it’s easy to use and has been a real asset in our company”

Kevin Lockhart, MD, Couno Ltd

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We like to keep things simple and that includes our approach to pricing. For a flat monthly fee you can expect top-notch support, unrestricted access to all new features and great value for money.

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View compliance KPIs, tasks and user activity at a glance.


Task manager

Add tasks with priorities and due dates and assign them to you or your team members.


Document manager

Upload, store, share and track key compliance documents in one central location.



Keep an audit trail of all activity to help prove your compliance efforts.


Record all processing

Add all processing activity (that involves
personal data) to your Data Register and follow the wizard steps to include key information like assigning a lawful basis


Due dil your supply chain

Identify Data Processors, document your due diligence and upload your Data Processing Agreement. Sign them off (or not!) and set a review date.


Retention Schedule

List all records containing personal data along with their retention periods and triggers in your Retention Schedule.


Safeguard international transfers

Log all locations of processing including transfers of personal data to other countries. Where they are needed, document the safeguards you’ve put in place.



Manage your Privacy Information Management System or PIMS (that’s things like policies, procedures, and other controls in place to ensure compliance).


Data Breach Log

Record and manage incidents and breaches in your Data Breach Log. Review it regularly to identify compliance weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

"The OnTrack GDPR software provides a fantastic framework from which to navigate what can feel like the overwhelming task of GDPR compliance. Its structure has supported not only my own understanding, prompting me to ask the right questions and centralise relevant information, but has also enabled me to successfully engage the wider team "

Emma Oyetey, Head of Service at Reach Volunteering.

How it works

To get started enter details of all processing activity (that involves personal data) in OnTrack GDPR. Confused? Here's an example of a typical company process and how to add it to OnTrack GDPR.

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Inbound web lead

A prospective client/customer enters your website and completes an enquiry form.
equal line
Email notification

Email notification

Email sent to salesperson for follow up.
Email notification

New CRM entry

Lead is added to CRM (customer database).

OnTrack GDPR

Add the right details to the right features in OnTrack. Our wizards will guide you through what comes next.

Inbound web lead process logged

  • Details of this process are added to your Data Register.

  • The data processors you involve (the email and CRM provider) are added to your Data Processor Log.

  • The records you generate (the email and CRM entry) are added to your Retention Schedule.

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