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Generate monthly recurring revenue from a new service you create to set-up and manage your customers’ OnTrack account.

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Add your brand

Make the OnTrack system look like your own by replacing our branding with your logo and key brand colour.

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Increase productivity

Save time on compliance admin and reserve it for the data protection risks and issues that really need your time and attention.

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Greater transparency

Offer your clients greater transparency by giving them access to their compliance records, dashboard, and audit logs.

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Claim your OnTrack Partner website badge and Partner Directory listing. Elevate your partner status for discounts and featured listings.

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As our partner we are rooting for you and your business to succeed. Whatever you need, we are only ever a call or click away.

"I've looked at a number of GDPR packages but this is the only one which gives you what you really need to keep a handle on compliance either for you as a business, or as a partner or consultant. I've waited a long time for this, thanks."

Simon Hinks, Director, PMA

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Accountants have accounting software. HR consultants have HR software. And now, GDPR consultants have OnTrack GDPR. Use it to


Company dashboards

View company compliance KPIs, tasks and user activity at a glance.


Task manager

Add company tasks with priorities and due dates and assign them to your team members or customers.


Document manager

Upload, store, share and track key compliance documents from a central location.



Keep an audit trail of all activity so that your customer is better prepared to demonstrate their accountability


Records of processing activities

Keep detailed records of all processing activities along with their lawful bases in your customer’s Data Register


Data processor compliance

Keep a log of all data processors along with your compliance checks and DPAs. Sign them off and set a review date.


Record retention

List all processing records along with their retention periods and triggers in your customer’s Retention Schedule


Safeguard international transfers

Log all locations of processing including international transfers and where needed, document the safeguards in place.



Keep a separate log to manage and track your customers Privacy Information Management System.


Manage data breaches

Help your customers manage data breaches and incidents more effectively using their Data Breach Log.

Boost your OnTrack partner status

When you achieve 5, 10, 15 or more paying customer accounts you will be recognised with Bronze, Silver or Gold Partner status. We will reward you with discounts, and featured listings in our Partner Directory.

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Our Partner Scheme is open to all legitimate businesses that provide GDPR compliance solutions and services to business customers in the UK.

You can sign up using the buttons provided on this page. No card details are required and once you have confirmed your email address, you will be granted immediate access to the OnTrack platform.

For up to three months we will provide you with one free user and one free company account. This allows you time to familiarise yourself with the way OnTrack works, and to show it to your customers before committing.

Beyond the initial period, you must always have at least one paid company linked to your OnTrack account. If you do not, your account will be locked, and you risk losing your partner status and benefits. If this happens, a member of our support team will contact you.

When you add and pay for your first user or company account your initial grace period will end. You will still have access to your free user and free company account but from that point on, you will always be required to retain at least one paid company account.

You will pay £65/pcm for each company account you add to OnTrack. You will need a company account for each customer you want to manage on the platform, and you can add two customer users to their account inclusively.

You will pay £15/pcm for additional partner users. These are people who work with you to support your customers. You can set their permissions to access some or all customer accounts.

All prices quoted are excluding VAT.

You bill your customers, and they pay you directly for whatever service and price you have agreed with them. Separately, you pay us your monthly subscription fee to keep their OnTrack account active.

We run an attractive referral scheme separately to our Partner Scheme. For more information please contact our support team.

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